External Property Maintenace Checklist

Maintaining a check list for your building maintenance is a must to ensure your building is safe and secure at all times. It also helps to prevent remedial repairs and their costs. Here is a short checklist for you to follow: Roof: inspecting it twice annually is a must. Check for broken tiles or debris externally. This should be particularly done after rains or storms. Chimney: Repair or replace damaged flashing or motor. Lightning conductors: These should be checked every 14/15 months by a trained individual to make sure they imply with the set standards.

Walls: Check for cracks and especially damps. Diagonal cracks should be monitored monthly. Climbing plants should be strictly monitored as they hide wall problems. Rainwater Removal – Gutters, Gulleys, Downspouts and Drains: a blocked or damaged rainwater drain has greater possibility of damaging building fabric or water ingress. These should be thoroughly checked to remove possibilities of congestion from vegetation, oil, grease or sewage. External Joinery: wooden window panes should be checked at intervals for vegetation growth and cracks, as these promote growth water ingression and rotting. Tress: These can cause damage and shift of building when they grow. They also stand at risky of damaging underground pipes and drains with their penetrating roots. Thus they need to be closely monitored.