How to plan Grounds Maintenance

Ground maintenance is often forgotten during autumn due to the impending winter to come but you should keep in mind that a healthy and smart maintenance of your ground can make it look great during the harsh winter months. You can easily avoid patchy borders by planting plants during autumn.

The good side to selecting this time for planting is that this season ensures just the right amount of warmth required for your plants to grow through the winter and also prevent drying out, as may happen in Summer because in autumn the temperature is reasonably reduced. There should be consistent watering of the plants in case of absence of autumnal rain to ensure complete establishment of roots of the plants. Adding a new layer of mulch is a smarter way of protecting your ground border against damage.

Opting for an annual maintenance program to keep your ground looking fresh and sparkling through the year is what people all over the country are choosing daily. We have a specialized program with a fixed monthly fee to suit your ground’s planting needs. We do more than just weeding and grass cutting in the summer months and pruning for winter months, we ensure you have a happy ground every day of the year.