Renovations / Maintenance & Fit-Out


Tiling-Related Services

RMT have a specialized group of tilers on call to take on any tiling job. We work on various tiling projects from residential bathroom renovations, kitchen wall & floor tiling to commercial, industrial, glossy showroom floors.
What makes tiles such a great floor finish?
Tiles are durable, long lasting, easy to clean and hygienic. Choosing the right style, design, size, colour and texture of tiles will enhance the space – so be sure to consult with your Interior Designer (or wife) before settling on a tile.
You choose your tile / floor finish...
  • Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles
  • Borders, Inlays, Shapes & Patterns
  • Terracotta, Travertine, Terrazzo
  • Sandstone, Slate, Limestone
  • Granite & Marble
  • Mosaic Bathroom or Kitchen Wall Tilesg
...we do the rest.

Installation of wall & floor tiles are quoted per square metre (including grouting and sealant) - a site inspection will be arranged to determine preparation & design requirements i.e. removing of existing structures/ flooring, stripping of carpets, waterproofing, layout/ tile pattern, cutting & cornering etc.
DIY Tiling
If you are attempting a DIY tiling project – please ensure you are aware of what’s needed e.g. number of tiles, correct cement, tools for mixing/ laying/ cutting/ leveling, where to start tiling from (so you don’t get trapped into a corner:) – and IF after all of that and more you are still wanting to Do It Yourself - we still recommend you contact a professional tiler or a contractor to assist and advise.
Contact Us for free tiling quotes or to meet with a RMT team for any tiling requirements.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    At The RMT we seemed to get asked the same questions on quite a regular basis, with this in mind we thought we would put all of those FAQs in to our latest blog.
    Do you work for the general public?
    Unfortunately not, our service is business to business, although we do work for some large housing associations.
    What are your response times?
    At The RMT we do not set our own response times, we like to work with our clients and fit our service around their individual needs.
    How much does your service cost?
    We do not have a set cost for our service. We tend to work with our clients to make sure that they get the most cost effective service and rates are based on their individual needs. We take in to account location, volumes of work and economies of scale when discussing this with our customers.
    Do you apply mark ups on services?
    Yes, we mark up materials, plant and specialist subcontractors.
    Which areas do you cover?
    We cover the whole of the UAE and we use our own directly employed engineers in Dubai, and for the rest of the UAE we have a network of contract partners.
    Are all of your engineers fully qualified?
    Yes, all of our engineers are fully qualified and/or time served.
    How quickly can you mobile a new contract?
    As reactive maintenance specialists we are set up to act fast, a straight forward maintenance contract can be mobilized within two weeks.
    Do you charge for quotes?
    No, all of our quotations are provided free of charge within 7 days, unless otherwise specified.
    What are your standard payment terms?
    Our payment terms are 1 days from date of invoice, however, we do understand that this does not apply to everyone and are always willing to work with customers to make sure they receive payment terms that suit them.

    If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us on 00971-501650567 or